What is self-isolation and when to observe it

What is self-isolation and when to observe it

News 27 Mar 2020

Self-isolation is avoiding contact with others to reduce the risk of infection. Self-isolation involves any situations where you are in close contact with other people (for example, close face-to-face contact at a distance of less than 2 meters). The only exception is a request for medical assistance (only after a telephone consultation).

If you are not sure whether you need to self-isolate or do not know who to contact, please call the hotline of the Public Health Center of Ukraine regarding the new coronavirus infection: 0 800 505 840

Who needs self-isolation:

  1. for those who are waiting for the results of the test for the new coronavirus;
  2. for those who have been in close contact with persons infected with COVID-19;
  3. for those who have recently returned from countries where the new coronavirus has been recorded (even if there are no symptoms).

How long does self-isolation last?

If you were recommended by a doctor or you made a decision on isolation yourself, it must last at least 14 days from the date of the start of the event that caused self-isolation: travel, contact with a sick person, etc.

How to prepare for self-isolation?

Try to plan the time of self-isolation so that you do not have to leave the house or receive visitors. Explain this to friends and relatives, and discuss the possibility of remote work.

Save your doctor's contacts and inform him in advance about the reasons for self-isolation, as well as choose a contact person to whom you will turn for help.

What to do if you do not live alone?

It is necessary to isolate yourself in a separate room that is well ventilated. If there is an opportunity to use a separate bathroom and/or toilet, as well as prepare food and eat separately - do it.

Do not forget about regular hand washing with soap, cleaning, including wet cleaning of surfaces, cough hygiene, use of disposable napkins and handkerchiefs. During necessary contact with people, always wear a medical mask and throw it away after use or contamination.

How to arrange food delivery?

Try to minimize trips to the store. If possible, ask friends or relatives to deliver groceries and essential purchases to your front door, or use remote payment delivery services.

What to do if you need to leave home?


If it is necessary to leave the place of self-isolation, wear a mask and minimize contact with people. Use hand sanitizer and practice cough hygiene.

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