Charitable Organization “Charitable foundation named after Khidiryana Oganesa Misakovycha”

Over 7 years we support development of Ukraine by implementing diverse programs in the field of culture, sports, education and social support. Our projects cover problems of various socially vulnerable groups of the population and are aimed at support and assistance to talented young generation and support of spiritual development of inhabitants of Poltava oblast.

Before the beginning of invasion of the aggressor country, in particular, before 24 February 2022, our activity was mainly focused at problems and requests of Piryatin region of Poltava oblast. However, wartime brings its adjustments into both life and activity of all Ukrainians. Therefore, our efforts were also expanded into other oblasts that suffered most from malicious actions of the occupants from the first days of wartime.

Nowadays, we call to cooperation other organizations and ordinary Ukrainians that are willing and are capable to help. While having a good reputation and history, we receive plenty of requests that we cannot process on our own as we did in the beginning.

Activity of the Foundation was always built and will continue to be built on transparency and mutual respect. All funds received will exclusively be used for the stated purpose. By request, every partner and volunteer will receive financial reporting on the use of his charitable funds.

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During the Foundation's existence, we have acquired many permanent partners and friends. We are always open to cooperation for a great goal. Join us, because together WE are the Power!

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