Activities of the charitable organization (hereinafter - the “Fund”) is dedicated to the bright memory of a kind and respected man – Mr. Oganes Khidiryan.

For some, Mr. Oganes Khidiryan was a colleague, for others - a husband and father, a friend and just a good person. For all of us, his unexpected death is an immeasurable loss. May the memory of this infinitely good, reliable and bright person live in our affairs, our memory and the people who so need help, care and attention.

Mr. Oganes Khidiryan was born on January 8, 1952 in the village of Shaumyanivsk / Azerbaijan /
In 1969, he graduated from Shaumyanivsk Middle School. In 1970, he entered Karl Marx Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, Engineering Faculty.
In 1980, Mr. Oganes Khidiryan married, and the couple had three sons, Misak, Samvel and Arsen.
Oganes loved children very much. He was proud of his sons and always understood that the father’s attention of a father is the key to a good upbringing and a happy future in the future, and therefore it is necessary to be not just a father, but also an example.
There were a lot of projects and plans that Mr. Oganes Khidiryan, unfortunately, did not have time to implement. The sudden death on June 12, 2011 found him at his work desk and prevented such projects and plans from being implemented.

To their father’s memory, the sons have established Charitable organization "Charitable Foundation named after Khidiryana Oganesa Misakovycha" to realize his charitable mission.

About the Fund

Charitable organization "Charitable Foundation named after Khidiryana Oganesa Misakovycha" is a charitable organization that promotes the development of Ukraine by implementing various programs in the fields of culture, sports, education, social security, and initiates and invests in the construction of the Orthodox Church in Pyriatyn district.

The mission of the Fund is to support socially vulnerable groups, to help the talented young people, to promote the spiritual development of the people of Poltava region.

Local authorities and institutions of social and spiritual orientation are involved in the implementation of the set tasks. We also involve the local population in our work, uniting people of different social status and age with the idea of kindness and mercy.
Charitable organization "Charitable Foundation named after Khidiryana Oganesa Misakovycha" is guided by the principle that everyone should do good deeds for the benefit of society to the best of his/her ability. It is the only way to overcome problems affecting many people in our country.
Each aid program involves financial costs, so the Fund will be very grateful for any of your support! If you want to support a specific program, please call and let us know.

If you are a manufacturer of any product or provide services that, in your opinion, will help us in the implementation of charitable programs - let us know in a way convenient for you! Your free assistance will definitely have a positive effect on your company's reputation. In turn, we are pleased to offer our informational support in the form of placing a logo on the Fund's website, mentioning a Partner in the news and on our social media.

The Fund's activities are based on transparency and mutual respect. All funds received go exclusively to the intended purpose. Upon request, each partner and volunteer is provided with a financial report on the use of the charitable funds.



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