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Charitable Assistance to Chereshyn Boarding Lyceum

Charitable Assistance to Chereshyn Boarding Lyceum

Collect open: 26 Oct 2022

Yesterday, we visited the Chereshyn Boarding Lyceum, Chernihiv Region, where 100 students from 4 to 17 years of age currently study and partially live. At the request of the management and thanks to the volunteers of VO "Podyh", they brought such a gasoline generator, which is currently needed for the uninterrupted life of the children's institution.

The children were also not left without useful gifts - board games provided by A.G.R. Group, will not only be interesting to children, but will also harmoniously develop the intellectual and physical abilities of pupils.

We thank our partners for the provided items and are heading for preparing to important trip to Mykolaiv Oblast!

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