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Charitable aid to the front-line towns of Mykolaiv Oblast

Charitable aid to the front-line towns of Mykolaiv Oblast

Collect open: 18 Oct 2022

For the second week in a row, Ukraine is reeling from massive missile strikes and attacks by enemy Iranian kamikaze drones, and we, together with the SOUTHERN RAYS OF HOPE Charitable Foundation and our partners, continue to move forward. At the end of last week, a number of food kits were distributed to residents of front-line towns:

  • Lepetykha
  • Myrohivka
  • Bereznyguvat station
  • Vysun
  • Bila Krynytsia
  • Liubomyrivka
  • Yakovlivka
  • Velelyi Kut
  • Lotskino
  • Peremoga
  • Chervona Dolyna
  • Shyroke

Looking into the eyes of local residents, you not only see the horror, fear and hopelessness these people feel every day, every minute... You understand how extremely important support and help is right here and right now! You understand that together with the partners of A.G.R. GROUP, AGROPROMINZHINIRING LLC, BAZA MTZ "APK" LLC, YARYCH cookies and Galicia juices, we should be here - next to those who need it so much!

We would like to thank our partners again and again for provided products and logistics services - we are really doing an important thing! And once again we call on everyone who cares to join us - because we have to return here more than once - to these eyes, to these people!

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