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Help to Rozbyshivska bording school

Help to Rozbyshivska bording school

Collect open: 08 Mar 2023

We continue to help children's institutions, so recently we visited our little friends from the Rozbyshivska boarding school. This time, together with TM Smacom, at the request of the establishment, we brought a freezer, 7 bags of clothes for children of different ages and sets for creativity and development of children.

For more than a year, we have been supporting the most vulnerable sections of society, such as families of IDPs, children's and medical institutions, frontline regions. Every day we receive new and new requests for help from OTG and ordinary people. Through our own efforts and with the help of our permanent partners, we try to close as many as possible requests, but, unfortunately, they are not becoming less...

We have to help those who need it the most at the moment!

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