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Help to residents of Pyryatyn district

Help to residents of Pyryatyn district

Collect open: 23 Mar 2023

Fortunately, there have been no rockets attacks in Poltava region these days... But it does not mean that people no longer need our help... Yesterday and today, representatives of our foundation, together with VO "Podykh", are helping in Pyryatyn, Lubensky district of Poltava Oblast, exactly in a densely populated microdistrict bus station, where many pensioners, minor children and IDPs live. Also, this time members of low-income and large families living in the Pyryatyn district of the Poltava region were invited.

People are given a variety of clothes for adults and children of different ages.

We are glad to be useful to our brave compatriots, because we can see with our own eyes how much they need it.

Each of us has the opportunity to join this project:

  1. We collect things and toys for children at the address: Kyiv, str. 52 Degtyarivska, 1st floor.
  2. You can make a quick transfer, and we will do everything for you, exclusively at the request of the TGO of the Poltava region

Together WE are the STRENGTH!

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