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Assistance to volunteers of Kyiv and Kharkiv

Assistance to volunteers of Kyiv and Kharkiv

Collect open: 16 Feb 2023

For almost a year now, these UKRAINIANS have been supporting our country from all sides: they buy drones and cars for our guys at the front, sending food, clothes and medicines to the front line; they help families of IDPs, large families, elderly people and just those who need it; they help residents of front-line zones and save abandoned animals throughout Ukraine, opening collections for urgent rescue or difficult treatment of defenseless creatures. It is simply impossible to write about everything they do! These people are VOLUNTEERS!

We are infinitely grateful to all our representatives of the volunteer movement for their courage and dedication to their work. That is why, the other day, together with VO "Podykh", volunteers in Kharkiv and Kyiv were given batteries - now they will always have light and the Internet, which will allow them to always be in touch!


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