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Supporting the development of children in Zaporizhzhia

Supporting the development of children in Zaporizhzhia

Collect open: 15 May 2023

War is always a test for the people, but children are particularly sensitive. Support for children is necessary at all levels, from the basic or psychological to the social. We understand how important the social development of the future generation is, so we always support the initiatives of our partners in this area.

Last week, we honored the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, and in addition to honoring the memory of those who died for our freedom, it is now important to support the slogan "Never Again" with all our might and make every effort to ensure that our children can live a full, fun and exciting life, even in such a difficult time. That is why we were happy to join the initiative of the "Happy Kids" charity foundation in Zaporizhzhia to organize a holiday for children. Our representatives prepared gifts for the kids in the form of various creative kits.

Children's smiles, fun and excitement in their eyes are the surest guide to a bright and peaceful future. 

Let's unite and move forward so that our children will never feel the effects of war!

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