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We continue to help the people of Kherson

We continue to help the people of Kherson

Collect open: 24 Apr 2023

Being resilient and resisting the enemy, despite all the shelling and destruction, is all about the people of Kherson. The aggressor terrorizes the population almost every day, but the Ukrainian people cannot be broken.

And it is in our power to support not only the morale of the region but also to meet the most basic needs of the population. So we continue to send humanitarian aid and urge you to join our fundraisers.

More than 1,500 food parcels were delivered to the city's residents, including the most vulnerable. The packages contained the most essential food items such as cereals, canned meat, pasta, oil and others.

As always, we are grateful to the foundation “Breathe of Nation’s Hope” and SAVEUA Foundation for their support in organizing humanitarian aid.

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