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Support children's art

Support children's art

10 Aug 2021 Unique projects

Support children's art


Last month, the Charity Fund named after Mr. Oganes Khidiryan  was approached by the head of the “Knyazhna skarbnutsya” Art Club in Novgorod-Siversky with a request to support the annual social art camp.


The purpose of the project is recovery, involvement of children in the creative world, formation of special knowledge of the basics of painting, ability to feel the beauty, harmony and social adaptation of orphans, children in care and children from single-parent families. 90% of these children study at the Novgorod-Siversky boarding school.


The management of the art club asked the Fund to purchase and donate art tools, worth over 8,000 hryvnias, needed for daily classes with children.


The Charity Fund named after Mr. Oganes Khidiryan once again responded to the request and supported an art social project for orphans, buying everything necessary for this and sent it on to the club's management.

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